“…and love means nobody gets left behind”. This sweet family makes my heart smile. I’m so glad I got to capture and freeze these moments in time for them. Their young family is so full of adventure and fun and i’m glad that my little family gets to call them friends.

Little E was such a poker face at first,

,well poker face with tears included, that it was like a challenge that I just had to crack. I’ve had some time off so I’m feeling a little rusty but she whipped me right into shape and we were able to share some moments together (after I cracked her, or maybe she cracked me?) laughing and playing and picking “weeds” while mom and dad were down the path.  Big sister, T, makes my camera’s heart skip a beat. It loves her, and so do I!

Sweet big brother E, and his little sister G have such a sweet connection. They’ll all grow up siblings, of course, but more then that I’m sure they’ll all be really good friends.

Tahnee and Chris, it was fun to get you guys out there and share some laughs, scold the local hoodlums, search for light, and make you kiss and pose strangely for my camera! I hope you love these forever and ever. Love you guys!

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Sweet sweet Lyric. So wild and free. I loved my session with this little one. She’s so spunky and fantastic! She was one of my last sessions before leaving California and I’m so thankful that I got to be the one to capture her spirit.  A few of her favorite things are her sisters, being a ballerina, and her chickens.  I hope you enjoy!


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These two little besties were due for a photo shoot to capture the spirit of fun and adventure between them before we move to Oregon. We sure are going to miss Lanie and her awesome family. I truly wish we could take them with us.

*Special thanks to O’ Koo Ran in the Big Bear Village for letting our girls pose in their beautiful window display.*

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Meeting these two was definitely in the cards for us I’d say. I was in a coffee shop waiting for another couple who I’d never met before. Sitting there for some time I started to wonder if maybe this cute, obviously in love, couple was the couple that I was supposed to meet that day. So I did what any normal person would do… I asked them. Nope. Not my appointment that day. Fifteen minutes pass and I start to wonder if maybe they misunderstood (not sure how you can misunderstand who you are or aren’t, but somehow I thought maybe, haha!), so I asked AGAIN! Yes, I did. “Are you sure you’re not the ones I’m waiting for?” And the rest is history! lol! I got to be the one to capture their gorgeous day with all their friends and family. These two thought of every detail for their day. Simon is a talented guy with wood and made all the cocktail tables and the coasters for their guests to take home. Their friends provided the most gorgeous property for them to host their reception at and even though the rain did threaten to put a “dampen” on things, I believe the good Lord blessed them instead with the billowy clouds and gorgeous colored skies for the backdrop to their day. The clouds never let down and the day was perfect. I’ll let the rest speak for itself. Thank you for peeking around at my work!
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